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9 September 2022

HR Glossary

There are numerous definitions available on the Internet, but what does it look like in practice? It does not matter if you are a programmer or a rec ...
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4 October 2022

Why do Polish programmers address your business challenges?

Why is it so hard to hire polish developers? Which country has the most talented developers? Which language is the most popular based on a country? W ...
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29 September 2022

Start in IT. How to choose a specialty? 

In our previous article, we discussed “How to change a career path and start in IT?”. We have already explained the most common impulses to chang ...
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27 September 2022

CandidFuture Is a Game-Changer in the PEO Industry

CandidFuture delivers end to end recruitment solutions refined for improved efficiency . We’re a transparent, fast-growing, people-oriented company ...
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26 September 2022

Rebranding – how to change a career path and start in IT?

Where to start? Why is the IT industry so alluring? How long does it take to rebrand? Why rebranding is a good idea? Now that you are in the right pl ...
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21 September 2022

How should you prepare for an IT interview?

Everyone who wants to work in the IT industry wonders how to get started. The way we present ourselves in an interview can have a significant impact ...
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19 September 2022

RPO recruiter – a PRO solution for your business

Have you ever heard about the term "RPO recruiter"? Have you ever wondered why RPO has become so popular and why IT companies prefer it? Read our art ...
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