Benefits for IT professionals that have become a basic requirement

23 January 2023

In today’s article, we will present the benefits for IT employees that your company should introduce, if it doesn’t already have them. There are many companies on the job market that have their regular benefits package. However, is it tailored to the current needs of programmers? Benefits do not have to exceed your company’s budget at all, and they will definitely affect the programmer’s well-being and productivity .


Are benefits tempting to professionals?

Definitely!  Employee benefits have a huge impact on a programmer’s perception of the offer. However, it is important that the package is created with IT professionals themselves in mind. Often IT companies offer benefits that are already ridiculed by programmers, such as traditional fruit Thursdays. That’s why it’s worth remembering that personalized benefits will make a much bigger impression than fruit repeated everywhere.

Benefits in the IT industry

Some IT companies win the loyalty of their employees precisely with benefits. Most of the ones mentioned in this article turn from benefits into a “base”, but if your offer doesn’t guarantee the majority – this could be the reason for the low number of applications.

Flexible working hours 

Pandemic definitely had its fingers on flexible working hours. Before – a dream. Now – strange if this is not offered by the company. The ability to make up hours at any time of the day allows you to prioritize your private life. Previously, every doctor’s appointment, parent meeting at school, or going to the gym (during off-peak hours) was hard to handle. And now? You choose your work hours to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

The ability to work remotely  

Another benefit that has made such a strong presence in the job market thanks to the pandemic situation. Previously, employers were of the opinion that outside the company, employees do nothing and communication does not exist. Everything changed in 2020-2021, when employers had no choice. Today, remote work is a prerequisite. Of course, there are still exceptions who continue to disbelieve in the advantages of remote work, but they are a definite minority.

Development opportunities

These days, developing in one direction for an IT specialist is not enough. Previously, the path from junior to mid and then to senior was far more popular than it is now. Programmers want to develop in many technologies, but also specializations. Soft skills training is also gaining popularity. Therefore, companies that don’t offer many development opportunities to their employees can expect a small pipeline

Benefits in job offers 

Most IT companies rely on non-wage benefits. Often the theme of “dynamic and young team” or “dynamically growing company” comes through. – I guess recruiters like the word “dynamic” ;). Of course, non-wage benefits have their good points (e.g., research package, home workplace equipment, vacations or medical care) it is, however, specialists who care more about a higher rate and financial bonuses.

And what is the best benefit for you?

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