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CandidFuture is a transparent, self-funding, fast-growing, employee and people-oriented company that makes money by assisting people in finding their dream job. Isn't that incredible?

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Effective recruitment – CandidFuture

Recruitment means people.

Recruitment agencies, developers, and your company – are all people. Come and cooperate with people who effectively create experiences.

The impulse to change is just the beginning of recruitment

It is more than certain that every IT specialist will feel an impulse for change. The only unknown is when. We understand how to communicate with programmers, and as a result, we frequently make them aware of their requirements. Not to mention that we enjoy giving “food for thought”!


Effective IT recruiting must put one’s motivation to the test

Motivations for changing jobs in IT are essential for effective and long-term collaboration. We understand how to effectively assess job-change motivators in IT. Thanks to that, we have developed our own proprietary tool.

Speed makes the recruitment process effective

We have extensive experience with quick and efficient IT recruitment. We are making plans for the future so that we can foresee gaps such as hiring managers’ sudden absence. Nothing will surprise us!

Recruiting by telling stories

Without a doubt, recruitment storytelling sells. We understand how to prepare and present the stories that people seek. We’ve already wrapped our brain around it.

Recruitment Agency – your close partner

CandidFuture always puts the common good first. You can rely on us because we are well-versed in effective recruitment and storytelling. We are backed by an IT community that believes in what we do. Feel free to check our LinkedIn profiles to see it yourself!

Recruitment agency is your friend

We are like a good friend who wishes you the best of luck with your business! We will not stop until we achieve the recruitment success that we have agreed upon. Check out our portfolio on Clutch or our Google reviews to learn more about our activities!

Our team

Our values

We change the world for the better

Each contact is an opportunity for us to make the world a better place. We put value above profits because we think about long-term benefits, not short-term profits.

Feedback is the key

Truth is a gift on which we build a better future. We always give feedback and do not avoid difficult conversations. We are clear about what we feel, what we think, what we appreciate, what we disagree with.

We support each other and take responsibility

We do not judge, but complement and strengthen each other. As a team, we turn our weaknesses into strength. We take responsibility for colleagues, partners and customers, therefore we keep our word and fulfill our obligations.

Diversity matters

We find for value in what is different. We understand that many points of view improve the quality of products, services, work and life. We fight against stereotypes, we counteract discrimination and we promote the principles of equal treatment.

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about CandidFuture

"Aga and her team have been fantastic in helping us increase our presence in Poland. Candid Future has a fresh and energetic approach to challenges and I really enjoy working with them. We are also seeing great results with strong candidates and new hires rolling in." – David McGloin

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"We've been working with CandidFuture (and with Aga, Daria, Kinga) for the past few months and have managed to double our tech teams in Poland. Besides the incredible hiring results it's a great collaboration. They are involved, enthusiastic and have a big commitment to getting things done." – Karim Gharsallah

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"I highly recommend working with this company. Aga Myśliwczyk with her human approach to candidates makes real miracles in the market." – Yuliana Arles

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"CandidFuture is definitely not an ordinary recruiting company. It is the company where the candidate and the client are placed in the center of attention. They ask about motivations, goals, needs of both sides, strives for win-win. CandidFuture is definitely not an ordinary recruiting company. It is the company where the candidate and the client are placed in the center of attention. They ask about motivations, goals, needs of both sides, strives for win-win. Thanks to good relationships, they build good experiences for all parties in the process. The new quality of recruitment." – Paweł Krzyżanowski

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"A great company with an outstanding approach to candidates and clients on the market. Reliable, with positive energy, with a pro-business mindset. A brilliant partner for conversation and cooperation. I strongly recommend Candid Future as a conscious brand that is always investigating options for changing the recruiting process for the better. Good luck team. I keep my fingers crossed for your further successes 🤞🏼 🚀🙂" – Witold Rosiak

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"CandidFuture is first and foremost a Team that knows how valuable and important it is to play for the same goal. Support for the Client and Candidate, care at every stage of the recruitment process, a reliable, honest and professional approach – always with a human face. Here, recruitment enters a new, partnership level: people are sought, not only employees,; attention is focused on motivations, dreams, goals – both the Client and the Candidate." – Katarzyna

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