Thinking about a career change?

Feeling like your current job isn't meeting your expectations, and your mind is racing at the prospect of looking for new opportunities? A career agent steps in to help. CandidFuture follows the "people first" principle. This will be the case again this time.

The recruiting industry is broken

Every day top tech professionals are flooded with spam from recruiters. Once in a while you might come across an offer that sounds interesting, only to find out later that you are expected to do an eight hour long assignment or the salary is not even close to your expectations.

Concretes in response to your needs

From consulting and analyzing your needs to releasing information about you to the world. We take matters into our own hands and look for job opportunities that meet your requirements. Furthermore, we assist in analyzing your soft skills and talents that can be used in your new job.

A conscious decision

Work in IT on your own terms. You decide what kind of work resonates with you (salary range, technology stacks, role, location, company size, and much more). As previously stated, we only send offers that meet your expectations.

Develop yourself

If you are willing, Klaudia will become your career agent and help you present the best version of yourself. She will guide you through the hiring process and advise you during contract negotiations.

How it works?


Choose a bundle that meet your expectations! 🌟

We know how difficult it is to get a good “work match”. In our collaborations with companies and recruiters, we have worked through what is important for experienced developers or “product people”. In addition, we are in possession of a secret excelling sheet, in which technological companies from Kraków are evaluated. So we understand what is at stake in long-term collaborations! We have created packages where you will find something for yourself. Something that will help you find a job that will meet your expectations.


First contact with career agent Klaudia Tomczyk 👌

It all starts with a text conversation 😊 The next step is a reflective form in which you will identify what is important to you in working with a new company. The details can be found in the plans’ description.


Online meeting with career agent ☕️

The following step is an online interview. Klaudia will assist you in defining your future career path and refining your expectations of your new employer. She will go over your resume and LinkedIn profile and make suggestions on how to improve them so that they catch the recruiter’s attention. The agent understands how to pique the recruiter’s interest, who will later invite you for an interview out of turn! 💪


Your career agent never sleeps! 💪

After the remote meeting, you will receive a helpful “toolbox” included in the plan. You will increase your chances of landing a rewarding and interesting job.


It’s a match!

You are about to have your own career agent! How cool is that? 😊*


* Career agent plans are currently available only for Polish speakers.

Want to learn more?

How much does the career agent service cost?

It all depends on your preferred package. The are two types available: 350PLN and 600PLN (+VAT). This price is only valid until December 31, 2022.

Is there a fee for sending a resume?

No, there is no fee for submitting your resume. If, on the other hand, you want to use the services of a career agent, take a look at the available packages above.

What is the reason for the career agent solution?

“Browsing job boards makes me sick because I don’t recognize 90% of these companies.” – Product Manager

Developers are often tired of looking for work and would rather have someone look for them. The experience and qualifications of a career agent will also aid in determining your future career path.

How long does it take to work with a career agent?

As a rule of thumb, a month – this is the 6 hours (or 8, depending on selected plan) per month that the Agent dedicates to working for a given candidate. However, cooperation can last longer depending on individual needs.

Upload your CV

You are welcome to leave your resume with us. If we have an offer that matches your qualifications, we will contact you!

We are the future of job changing! 🦒

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