What should you ask in an IT interview?

6 October 2022

When meeting with an IT recruiter, many people expect a barrage of questions. This time can be used to gain a better understanding of a job position or the company’s overall organization. What job interview questions are worth asking? Everything can be found right here!

What to expect at a job interview?

The duration of the conversation varies from process to process. Sure thing that they will ask you about your experience or motivation. If you want to learn more about what questions may be asked by the recruiter, see here

Is it worth asking questions to a recruiter?

It is definitely worth doing that. As a result, you will have a better understanding of the job position that you applied for. Many positive impressions can be gained by asking questions. It will clearly show that you are genuinely interested in the company rather than just the money.

Keep in mind that the recruiter may not have all the answers to your questions. If they get back to you later – then you have a sign that it is going to be all good! Recruiters are people and they cannot know everything. They are also non-technical, which means they do not need to be familiar with every detail that you may find important.

When should you approach the recruiter with a question? 

You can ask recruiters questions over the phone or via video chat, but you can also send them via email. LinkedIn is frequently used by recruiters to contact candidates – it is also an excellent form of communication. One might say it is significantly faster than e-mail. 

The majority of recruiters set aside time for questions and will usually notify you of this at the outset. However, if the recruiter does not provide you with an opportunity to ask questions, do not be afraid. Put your questions into the conversation. If the recruiter refuses to answer your questions, this is your first red flag.

Must-have questions 

There are numerous questions to ask a recruiter. That is why we have organized them into categories to assist you in preparing for an interview.


This topic is one of the most crucial ones. The candidate should have clearly defined responsibilities of the role. How to get to know them better? Ask these questions and the get-go: 

  1. What are your expectations of the candidate?
  2. What is your ideal persona for this role?
  3. What does a typical day at X position look like?
  4. What exactly does the person in X position do for you?


The success of the company is dependent on the team. There may be a disagreement if the personalities of the people inside do not match. This is why it is critical to ask about the team. How do you do it? Here are some examples:

  1. Could you tell me about a potential future team?
  2. With whom will I team up?
  3. Who makes up this group? (Specifics like names) 
  4. Will I have the opportunity to meet them during the recruitment process?


Sitting on a company’s bench is essentially the same as waiting for a project. A company announces an amazing project but when it comes down to it you just wait and deal with insignificant stuff. A fantastic way to make money? Sure, but do you want to have an experience of a senior but the knowledge of a novice? Never experience the bench by asking our example questions!

  1. How has the case of “benches” been looking like in your case over the last year?
  2. What was their primary cause? 
  3. Which roles were usually put on the “bench”?


More than once we managed to hear about previously unannounced technologies in the project. Asking about technologies during the recruitment process will allow you to do better research and understand the situation. You can start with the topics listed below. Do not let a company’s technologies be a mystery to you! 

  1. Ask a few questions about the project’s architecture.
  2. Ask a few questions about the specific technologies used in each component. 

Your future in the company and environment. 

When joining a new company, you probably expect to improve your skills. But how to check if the company is willing to assist you? You will be much closer to your goal if you ask about daily challenges and plans for you. Try out the following tips! 

  1. Request to speak with other team members, i.e., individuals with whom you will be working directly.
  2. Ask if the company provides specific training and courses. 
  3. Ask about the expectations for the first 30-60-90 days.
  4. Ask how many projects are currently in the queue, and how many are currently in progress. It is worth asking how many people work in each of them, as well as what roles they play.

Will these questions help you learn more about the company? 

Definitely! By asking the above questions, you will be able to determine whether this company is THAT company. See our previous post for more information on how to prepare for the interview. Now we wish you the best of luck in your search for the ideal company.

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