Do you want to work with an IT recruitment agency? Do you intend to work with an RPO recruiter? Perhaps you’d like to learn more about Employer Branding. Here you will find all of the information you need as well as valuable tips to keep you from failing to recruit. Have fun!

24 August 2023

AI in IT recruitment. Find out how you can make your job easier! [ChatGPT]

The use of AI in IT recruitment is a topic that arouses feelings ranging from skepticism to fascination. Many have still not come across the possibil ...
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16 February 2023

Behavioral questions at the interview

Behavioral questions are questions that address a candidate's behavior, experiences and reactions to situations from previous jobs. They are supposed ...
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31 January 2023

Why is a candidate persona important in the recruiting process?

Mismatches between candidates and job profiles are one of the issues that arise during the recruitment process. Frequently in terms of technical requ ...
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23 January 2023

Benefits for IT professionals that have become a basic requirement

In today's article, we will present the benefits for IT employees that your company should introduce, if it doesn't already have them. There are many ...
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10 January 2023

How can the company support the employees it is laying off?

Nowadays, one hears a lot about layoffs in American technology companies. But layoffs and recruitment freezes have also reached the Polish IT industr ...
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6 December 2022

Christmas follow-up – what power does it have?

What is Christmas follow-up? Is it worth sending follow-ups? Christmas follow-up examples. In today's article, we will present our follow-ups and pro ...
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1 December 2022

Is waiting on the “bench” in the IT industry frustrating? About the “bench” in the IT industry.

What exactly is it, and where can you find the word "bench"? IT professionals, for whom there is no in-house project at the moment, sit on the ben ...
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24 November 2022

Employer Branding – because employment is not enough!

Why does your company need employer branding? What is the employer brand definition? How can EB activities and a strong employer brand help you impro ...
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15 November 2022

How to implement recruitment marketing in an IT company?

What does recruitment marketing look like in practice? What results can be expected and what do the recruitment efforts of IT companies look like? Ho ...
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3 November 2022

Recruitment marketing – why does your company need it?

What is recruitment marketing? What does it provide? Is recruitment marketing just employer branding? Is it just recruitment ads? How to stand out in ...
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13 October 2022

Professional burnout – a taboo topic

The accepted nomenclature heavily complicates the matter. Professional burnout is most often associated with professions that have, in their nature o ...
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11 October 2022

Tech recruiter’s tasks 

You may be wondering what is the distinction between a recruiter and a tech recruiter. What is the function of an IT recruiter? What are their obliga ...
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4 October 2022

Why do Polish programmers address your business challenges?

Why is it so hard to hire polish developers? Which country has the most talented developers? Which language is the most popular based on a country? W ...
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27 September 2022

CandidFuture Is a Game-Changer in the PEO Industry

CandidFuture delivers end to end recruitment solutions refined for improved efficiency . We’re a transparent, fast-growing, people-oriented company ...
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19 September 2022

RPO recruiter – a PRO solution for your business

Have you ever heard about the term "RPO recruiter"? Have you ever wondered why RPO has become so popular and why IT companies prefer it? Read our art ...
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