How can the company support the employees it is laying off?

10 January 2023

Nowadays, one hears a lot about layoffs in American technology companies. But layoffs and recruitment freezes have also reached the Polish IT industry. Despite this, the demand for skilled IT workers is still exceedingly high. Layoffs are undoubtedly a tricky situation for both employees and employers. This article will consider what employees fear and what good practices a company can implement during layoffs.

What do the laid-off individuals face?

What might employees feel upon hearing “unfortunately we have to part ways”? In many situations, people get overwhelmed with stress, bitterness, disappointment, anger, and sadness. At this moment, their sense of stability gets exchanged for uncertainty. Is there anything that can be done to at least somewhat reduce the tension associated with job loss?

What can a company do to support an employee?

Undoubtedly, psychological support is a critical issue. Talking to an in-house psychologist can help reduce the accompanying stress and create a job search action plan. If such a person is not employed, you can use the support of an external specialist. Another important matter is to support the search for a new job. The IT industry is a vast network of different companies and professionals. IT workers who have positive recommendations from their employers and colleagues certainly stand out in the IT market. Therefore, it is worth supporting professionals by writing recommendations. You can put them on your profile on LinkedIn or create a separate document to attach to your resume. What else can a company do?

An example of good practice

Stripe gave an intriguing example of good practice from the IT market being applied to layoffs. The company’s CEO wrote a letter to the company’s employees, listing the various components of support for laid-off workers. There are, among other things, various bonuses, paid health care, assistance for those who have a work visa, and support in finding a new job. 

Why might IT professionals appreciate such a practice?

Such measures will give IT professionals the impression that the company is attempting to assist and support them despite the unpleasant situation. This will almost certainly influence IT professionals’ perceptions of the company. Who would not want to work for a company that can help them through a challenging time? The key is not to hand in your resignation and say, “I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do for you in this situation.” The trick is to say, “I’m sorry, but I will do everything I can to support you.” Fired employee will then leave the company with the impression that the company values its employees.

When changing jobs, will undoubtedly increase one’s sense of security. If a company is attempting to cultivate a friendly corporate culture and build its brand on that foundation, it is important to remember that this applies not only to onboarding and the work environment but also to offboarding.

Career Agent and support in finding a new job

Supporting laid-off employees in their job search can become a good practice among modern and brand-conscious companies. Which value a welcoming corporate culture. CandidFuture, through Career Agent, can assist in a demanding situation by providing company employees with a comprehensive set of tools to improve their chances of finding a new job. Click here to see plans that are currently available*:

In addition to psychological support, the Career Agent will undertake a variety of activities to help technology workers find new jobs that match their expectations and personality.

As you can see, there are many methods a company can use to support a laid-off employee. Above all, it is worth remembering to build a good relationship based on honesty and openness, because such will survive even the most difficult situations.

*Career agent plans are currently available only for Polish speakers.

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