AI in IT recruitment. Find out how you can make your job easier! [ChatGPT]

24 August 2023

The use of AI in IT recruitment is a topic that arouses feelings ranging from skepticism to fascination. Many have still not come across the possibilities that chatGPT brings.

It is certain that AI will take on an increasingly important role in our professional and daily lives. Therefore, it is crucial not to lag behind in the face of progressive solutions, but to go with the flow of technological development and master the ability to use these tools today. The creed that guides us in this task is “Work smart, not more.”

The effective use of artificial intelligence fits perfectly into this philosophy. Currently, many people are testing the capabilities of chatGPT, including us.

Do you want to see for yourself what possibilities this tool offers?

We invite you to try ChatGPT – Click here

How do you tailor the message to get the desired responses from chatGPT?

  • Precisely define the role you want your chatbot to play. It could be a recruiter looking for candidates, a programmer analyzing code, or an HR manager assessing qualifications….
  • Separate context is key – describe the situation, such as: “I am a recruiter at an IT company specializing in…”.
  • Present the necessary data on the basis of which the chat is to generate content, e.g. the required skills (as in point 1.)
  • Clearly formulate the request, e.g. “create a list of synonyms for the competencies given above.”

Remember that responses from chatGPT act as inspiration, facilitation of the creative process and support. Keep a healthy criticism and don’t blindly copy everything the bot generates. AI can also be wrong.

How do you use the potential of ChatGPT right now?

Build your keyword database!

Software Engineer, Application Developer, Software Developer – these are just a few examples of IT job terms. The more comprehensive your keyword base is, the better the chances of hitting on the right candidates.

Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of chatGPT.

chatgpt ai w rekrutacji

And here is the finished text of the answer.

chatgpt ai w rekrutacji

Do you want to test this way? Copy and modify for your needs the pattern from our post:

“Imagine that you are a recruiter. You want to create a database of keywords related to the role you are currently looking for. This will help you as you search for candidates using various sourcing techniques.”

Are you in favor of AI in IT recruitment?

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