Christmas follow-up – what power does it have?

6 December 2022

What is Christmas follow-up? Is it worth sending follow-ups? Christmas follow-up examples. In today’s article, we will present our follow-ups and programmers’ responses. See how easy it is to get someone’s attention and get a dream response!

What is a follow-up?

Follow-up is nothing more than a reminder to an interviewee about a message they did not respond to. In IT recruiting, programmers’ lack of response on LinkedIn is nothing new for recruiters. IT recruiters often opt for a written form of follow-up or resend the same message. Re-sending the same thing over and over again is not a great option. On the contrary, it is an innovative idea to use pictures and memes. A joke is something that the developer is not expecting.

Follow-up = harassment?

How many follow-ups are enough? How many is too much? 

There is no limit. The goal of the follow-up is to get a response. The follow-up specialist a CandidFuture is Martyna. Thanks to her follow-ups, she gets answers along with apologies for the wait time! What is her advice?

“Follow-ups work wonders! Many times, I have received replies with apologies for not contacting me or with an appreciation for my perseverance. It is also thanks to them that I have had several meme battles 😅. At times when I get doubts about whether I should send another message, I try to remind myself that if I do not try, the response will always be negative. After all, I care about effectiveness! Life writes different scenarios, programmers’ inboxes are bursting at the seams—who knows, maybe your message will just pop up at the top of the list when they open LinkedIn? “If, despite your attempts, you feel that your reminders do not work, consider whether they are interesting to your potential interlocutor – an impersonal wall of text has little chance of success.

The end of cold IT recruitment

We bring you our 2021 follow-ups that elicited positive responses from developers and resulted in success in the form of responses!

Santa Claus

Świąteczny follow-up Christmas Follow-up

Advent Calendar

Świąteczny follow-up Christmas Follow-up

The Grinch

Świąteczny follow-up Christmas Follow-up

Merry Christmas

Świąteczny follow-up Christmas Follow-up

I’m freezing!


Feedback on the Christmas follow-ups

  • “Haha!” – Senior Software Developer
  • “Amazing meme :D” – Senior PHP Developer
  • “Ahh, you bought me with this meme!” – Software Engineer

How to make a graphic follow-up? 

All you need to have are Canva (free version) + your picture or avatar. The characters you see in the graphics above are our team members reflected in the Mirror app, available on Google Play and the App Store. 

It takes a few minutes to create a picture, and it is sure to make you stand out from the rest of the messages!

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