How to create an eye-catching resume in the IT industry?

18 October 2022

How to create a good CV? Are you just getting started in the IT industry? Perhaps you already have experience but want to fine-tune your CV in order to land a better job. The first step is to create a specific and attention-grabbing resume. Today you will learn where to begin, how to get started, and how to make a professional job application.

What must your curriculum vitae contain?

Because it is difficult to demonstrate our unique personality through a resume, we must find another way to attract the attention of an experienced recruiter. What should not be overlooked when creating a CV?

Contact information 

When there is no contact information, then the entire resume becomes meaningless. Include your current e-mail address or phone number. It is worth noting what your preferred form of contact is. You can (but are not required to) include information about the country where you live. It usually informs the company of your time zone.  


A total must-have! To make your CV particular, include your previous job experience (that includes job titles) that is in any way connected to the role you are applying for. Forget about quantity and concentrate on quality and relevant skills. The latter is the one that can leave a huge impression. It is important to describe tasks at each previous position. Do not leave it as a mysterious riddle. The description of responsibilities will help better match you to the role you are applying for!

Courses and training 

Courses, and training frequently have a greater impact on candidacy than academic experience. As a result, it is always worthwhile to include relevant courses on your resume. Do not forget to attach information about the certificate! Consider including unpaid experiences that are relevant to the job role you have applied for, as they might be considered your key achievements.


Make a special place to write out your tech stack. Avoid using stars or dots to indicate your skill level because no one knows what they really mean. Concentrate on years of experience and projects.

Knowledge of languages 

Include all the languages that you know. Remember to follow the CEFR system (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Thanks to that, the recruiter will have greater certainty in your language skills.


Show your projects! The description of tasks is one thing, but the final effect matters! A portfolio is often required for roles related to design (e.g., UI/UX Designer, Product Designer). Most recruiters like to peek at a developer’s “portfolio” like GitHub. Link your profile to your CV and show off your contributions. Technical people will be able to check the quality of your code, and who knows, maybe thanks to that, you will shine. It might help you by leapfrogging years of experience relevant to the offer.

GDPR consent 

If the job posting requires GDPR consent – add it. If you do not do it, you will be unable to participate in the recruitment process. There should be a pre-made formula that can be easily added at the end of your resume. 

What can you leave out of your resume template?

There are many myths surrounding this. How many times have you been told that you should include a photo or even your marital status? The CV evaluation process has evolved with the times! Removing buzzwords and redundancies can make your resume more memorable.


Photos are not required, but it is up to you if you want to add one. Remember, however, that the photo should not be a selfie with a filter but a professional-looking one. You do not need to go to the photographer – everything can be done simply from the comfort of your home. Interestingly, many foreign companies will not process a resume with pictures at all because of possible bias or discrimination. Therefore, make sure you know what the recruitment rules are in force in a given company. 

Date of birth 

Similar to the photo, it is not necessary. However, the recruiter can ask you about that as they have a legal basis. You should not be worried about that as it is rare.

Address of residence

You are not required to disclose such sensitive information. If you apply for a remote job, in most cases, only your time zone matters. When applying for a job in hybrid mode, you have to take into account that you will be required to travel at least 2-3 times per week. Consider whether you have the time for it and whether you find it profitable.

How to attract the recruiter’s attention?

Aesthetic! Pay close attention and use the same font as well as the arrangement of all parts. Make sure all dates and skills are up-to-date. Check for any grammar errors and if everything is arranged chronologically. A clear and organized resume evokes a positive impression! 

How many pages should a CV in the IT industry have?

There are as many opinions as people. CandidFuture believes there is no limit. There is only one condition: the resume has to be specific to its needs. It is preferable to spread the elements over several pages using good resume formatting rather than cramming everything onto one. If irrelevant sections such as “resume summary” or “cover letter” are not required, remove them.

Personalization of written curriculum vitae for the desired position 

Focus on the requirements specified in the job posting and consider whether it makes sense to include each of them in your CV template. Often, our past can add unnecessary text, and it is important to stay particular. Follow the job description and stick to relevant experience.

Substitute for a CV 

A LinkedIn account is a must-have in the IT industry. Always try to keep your profile up-to-date with key achievements and professional experience to avoid missing out on opportunities. Nowadays, only online curriculum vitae are used, so what if we go a step further? At CandidFuture, your resume can be replaced with a creative curriculum vitae like your LinkedIn personal profile.

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