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24 November 2022

Why does your company need employer branding? What is the employer brand definition? How can EB activities and a strong employer brand help you improve your image? In this article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of employer branding. We will also discuss how to begin developing an employer branding strategy in order to attract candidates. 

Building an employer image in the IT industry

Shaping a company’s reputation is essential in the 21st century. IT companies have to offer more than just “Fruity Thursdays” or young, dynamic teams. The job market needs something more.

Employer branding activities

What goes into employer branding? This consists of multiple different activities like company culture, internal branding, the job search process, social media, external branding, or EVP. We have prepared a summary of a few of them below. 

Employer Value Proposition

In the context of employer branding, the EVP factor is a core value that should be determined from the start. Finding a differentiator is what an employer value proposition is all about. It is as simple as asking ourselves, “What makes my company stand out?”. Let us forget about the formulas that every company uses. Find something unique that only your company can fulfill.

Job offer – the beginning of candidate experience

Create offers that people want to read! Use informal language, include compensation, and describe the team. Include something in your ad that is extremely rare but greatly appreciated! The recruitment process is a critical component of EB. A job description is a candidate’s first point of contact with a new company. What other things are worth adding? Add contact to the people on the team the potential hire will be working with – the candidate will be able to check these people out from the start. Add your company’s values – showing what you care about can further motivate the candidate to apply if they also share them. 

Social media communication 

Brand strategy starts by developing an audience and candidate persona, the company will be able to tailor its messages to a specific target audience. The voice of the language, the nature of the content, and the content itself all have an impact. This solution has the potential to increase audience loyalty to your brand as well as community involvement.

Transparency of remuneration 

Transparency in compensation is critical in establishing a company’s image. This is a huge part of brand content strategy.  Providing wage brackets in an ad influences the decisions of potential employees. It is worth remembering that the bracket should not be too wide. Transparency can be taken as a sign of partnership. After all, we want to save time for people for whom our brackets do not suit. 

Company’s website

A website is one of the company’s brand identifiers. It is a place where both clients and candidates meet. The website should be easy to navigate and contain all the valuable information about a company. Job seekers often check the “about the team” section. Check if the information is up-to-date. Other factors that influence a company’s image include information about its values and workplace culture. 

Advantages of positive corporate image in IT recruitment using strong employer branding

What will employer branding give your company? Here are some of the benefits that can be gained from a powerful employer brand: 

  • increasing the number of quality candidate applications,
  • reducing recruitment costs, 
  • increase recruitment efficiency,
  • increase the trust of business partners,
  • more efficient communication within the company,
  • increased the competitiveness of the company.

Of course, this is only part of the advantages of such a comprehensive activity as Employer Branding. Read more about it here. 

What can go wrong with branding strategy?

Creation. People responsible for employer brand management should not romanticize the situation within the company. Providing information and fabricating a company story just to encourage potential candidates to take part in the recruitment process and then failing to deliver on promises made at the beginning is a bad idea. The company brand image must consist of the truth, and all of this is in the hands of employer branding teams. Creating a fictional paradise will not retain new employees for long. Employer branding services must reflect the real situation in the company. Why create an image that can be subverted on the first day?

How can CandidFuture help your company with the employer branding process?

In our portfolio, we already have several successful employer branding activities. We know how to build a good corporate image in Poland from the ground up. Beginning with the development of strategies for employer branding activities, moving on to the development of communication strategies, and finally to recruitment success – hiring. We understand how businesses operate, including when to hire and when to protect the company’s brand. We will tailor sourcing, employer branding, and recruitment marketing activities to your company’s needs. Let us know what your company requires, and we will work together to solve the problem.

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