How to implement recruitment marketing in an IT company?

15 November 2022

What does recruitment marketing look like in practice? What results can be expected and what do the recruitment efforts of IT companies look like? How to attract the attention of potential candidates? What activities fall under recruitment marketing efforts? How to attract the attention of potential candidates? Answers to these and other questions can be found in this article.  

What is IT recruitment marketing?  

You can learn more about what exactly recruitment marketing is and what its advantages and disadvantages are in our previous article.  

In short, recruitment marketing is the process of acquiring employees through the marketing process. Such as content marketing, ad and landing page creation, paid advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, others), and branding.  

How does recruitment marketing accelerate the recruitment of IT professionals?  

The goal of effective recruitment marketing is to hire the best candidates, who might not be job seekers. Thanks to social media, we are able to reach people who do not follow the company. The first step is to build brand awareness so that potential candidates have an idea of what our company does. Candidates want to work in recognizable places in the IT sector. If there is no word about the company on the Internet, the candidate will become more suspicious than excited. 

How to get a candidate’s attention – recruitment ads  

The IT industry is leading the way in providing a salary range. If we want to use recruitment marketing, we must be transparent. The ad must include all the information about the company in question. Including rates, project, team, mission, and values. We must not forget to specifically spell out tasks, responsibilities, and requirements. But in the end, it is the specifics that count! 

Effective recruitment marketing according to CandidFuture 

CandidFuture offers four services: employer branding, recruitment marketing, IT recruitment, and sourcing. The recruitment marketing process starts with an audit. We do an analysis of brand identity, competition, and previous EB activities. Based on this, we are able to prepare a plan for the next steps. We are proof that it is possible to achieve your goals by working with a recruitment agency!  

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The recruitment funnel in talent acquisition (simplified version)  

The process of recruitment marketing starts here. This funnel depicts the process of candidate experience in recruitment marketing. There are more steps in this process, but today we will look at this simple form. 

Conscientiousness is nothing more than an employer’s brand activity. Most companies in the job market do not focus on this part and go straight to throwing in offers. We need differentiators to build interest. In the area of recruitment marketing, we need to focus on the candidate profile and the IT industry itself too. It is worthwhile to increase the reach of recruitment ads through its various types. With this action, we will increase the number of applications. The effectiveness of recruitment marketing is evidenced by employment. Below, we will tell you how we do it! 

Ogłoszenie CandidFuture

Employer Branding Element 

We provide training in personal branding for developers. We know how to create an Employee Value Proposition. CandidFututre is the master of value creation! We have the experience in building the image and awareness of foreign companies in the Polish IT market. Based on the recruitment marketing funnel, this stage can be counted as awareness building. 

Social media recruiting – how marketing attracts talent? 

At this stage, potential candidates begin to take an interest in the company. How? Through content marketing on social media. It is on LinkedIn or Facebook that candidates look for the first information about the company. It is a must-have to create a company profile on those platforms. Candidates analyze the way we communicate and the quality of the content. They check if they can identify with the company. For a candidate to switch jobs, they need to be convinced that your businesshas something that the previous one did not have. Stand out. Remember that candidates are also checking out potential employers outside of official channels. In the IT industry, candidates want to work with the best! Therefore, take care of reviews on external sites. One of the things that are worth investing in is paid advertisements on social media.

At CandidFuture, we know how to choose the right target candidates and what message to put out. Creating a recruitment campaign is nothing foreign to us. Our goal is to succeed in recruiting the best candidates! 

Job offers  

What should be included in an attractive job offer was already discussed, but what does it look like in practice? See here. This is our advertisement for a backend developer. What do you think about it? Does it stand out among other offers on job boards? It is part of recruitment marketing practices to tailor the message to the audience. You can read about the success of this collaboration on our Clutch. To create such an attractive job offer, you need a dedicated landing page. That is, a page with personalized graphics for your company- but no worries we can take care of that too! 

Recruitment marketing services in the IT industry 

Successful recruitment marketing is all about hiring. Collecting as many resumes as possible does nothing if those applications are not of high quality. Most IT companies recruit by throwing in an ad and waiting for the flow of applications. Such a solution has a chance if we have a well-built employer brand. Otherwise, the number of candidate applications through the offer itself will be very poor. At this point, we must also focus on the quality of the recruitment process. This is where the first 1:1 meetings between the company and the candidate take place. That is also why it is worth remembering to give feedback at every stage of the recruitment process, not just the final one.

Often, in recruitment companies, there is a problem with communication with the client. That is why we act as an extension of your HR department and are in touch at every stage of IT recruitment. 

Does recruitment marketing work? 

The correct strategic recruitment marketing works! It all depends on the timing and image of the company. Recruitment marketing activities are to be based on the expectations of candidates and the transparency of the company. The relationship between recruitment marketing and IT companies just began, but they are already successful! Let us act as a support to the recruitment process with said recruitment marketing activities. Get in touch with us!

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