Why do Polish programmers address your business challenges?

4 October 2022

Why is it so hard to hire polish developers? Which country has the most talented developers? Which language is the most popular based on a country? Why should you hire Polish programmers? Polish developers, like any ambitious company, want to keep moving forward. The senior developer is dependent on skill development and the ability to influence. Because of this, Polish developers are among the best business partners! 

Polish programmers are world-class experts!

When it comes to the best developers, according to HackerRank we are at the forefront. The rating includes 50 countries!

All in all, we should not be surprised.!

1. In Poland, there are over 120 computer science majors. 

2. Many Polish developers have already begun their journey when they were a teenager. Coding is written in their DNA!

3. Polish programmer values effective communication and teamwork. 

4. Understanding the challenges of a business and readiness to become a partner are in their blood! 

Hence the common term for the best programmers – product not a software developer

Polish programmers. Best Developers - CandidFuture Polscy programiści

source: hackerrank.com

How big is the “pool” of Polish developers?

Poland has the largest pool of developers in Central and Eastern Europe. On the one hand, this is exceptionally good news, but on the other hand… We still experience a shortage of IT specialists in Poland, which is estimated at 50,000 people. This number grows dramatically with the post-covid acceleration of technological solutions by up to ten years.

The trick is to build long-term relationships that are based on mutual trust. CandidFuture is unrivaled in this regard! You can learn more about how we work by clicking HERE

Polish programmers. Polscy programiści

source: StackOverflow 2019 Global Developer Insights Report 

What languages do the Polish developers work in? 

According to StackOverflow’s report, JavaScript is the most popular programming language. On the podium, you can also find Python and Java.

Even in the last one, Poland is still in the lead!

Polscy programiści. Polish programmers.

source: hackerrank.com

Just like any other, a Java developer is a thoughtful programmer. Superficial information would never pass through them. It is important to focus on what is necessary for a long and fruitful collaboration. The focus should be on making a fun and competent job offer.

Our e-book, which you can download below, discusses the factors that influence long-term collaboration. Unfortunately only in polish.

Rekrutacyjny Czerwiec (Rekrutacyjny-Czerwiec.pdf)

Polish programmers are a class of their own!

Polish developers form a community of nearly 300.000 specialists! Bloggers, conference speakers, and advocates for assisting everyone in entering the IT industry are among them. Their content is both inspiring and motivating. As a result, they help to prevent widespread burnout among experienced programmers in IT.

A study by Haystack Analytics shows that 83% of developers are experiencing burnout symptoms. You can read more about it HERE

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Where to find the best IT specialists? 

There is no need to look any further for an answer to this one. Polish developers lead the world in code quality! Do not hesitate any longer and contact us. We are a one-of-a-kind human-centered recruitment agency. We are concerned with positive candidate experiences, your company’s image, and we have excellent relationships with Polish programmers. More information can be found here.

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