Tech recruiter’s tasks 

11 October 2022

You may be wondering what is the distinction between a recruiter and a tech recruiter. What is the function of an IT recruiter? What are their obligations? A tech recruiter is someone who specializes in the IT industry. They have a thorough understanding of both technology and the recruitment process. They are someone who understands the fundamentals of the IT industry and monitors its evolution on a regular basis. The IT industry is characterized by high volatility and dynamic growth. Innovative technologies are constantly being developed while existing ones are being improved.

Many developers want to work using the newest technologies and strive for personal development, which also translates into higher remuneration. Employees frequently feel the urge to change jobs if the organization or project does not suit them. At this moment, a tech recruiter goes into action! They look for candidates who have the aforementioned urge to change while trying to get the perfect match. 

Therefore, now we will analyze all the tasks performed by an IT recruiter.

Communication with Hiring Manager and creating the ideal candidate’s persona 

Before the recruitment process can begin, the recruiter must contact the Hiring Manager. At that stage, the recruiter gathers information about expectations, the functioning of the organization, and the team. This is also the moment to create the ideal candidate’s persona. 

What is the candidate’s persona? It is determining and comprehending who your candidate should be. When creating a persona, we focus not only on the current experience but also on the values they profess. It is worth asking ourselves:

1. What are their characteristics?

2. What, in their opinion, is a good organizational culture?

3. What are their goals, motivators, and fears? 

Creating a persona aid in the design and execution of recruitment. It can also be useful in a marketing campaign aimed specifically at developers. 


An IT recruiter creates strategies for finding both active and passive candidates. The most popular and effective methods of sourcing are X-ray search and Boolean search. They primarily involve entering various keyword and phrase combinations into the search engine to help it find the right person.

Creating and publishing a job offer 

Once the recruiter knows the needs of the company and sees the candidate’s persona, they can start writing a job posting. The offer should include information about the following: company, project, localization, remuneration, expectations, benefits, and recruitment process.

First contact with the candidate 

As we mentioned in the article “RPO recruiter—a PRO solution for your business” the recruiter is the first point of contact with the candidate. They are the ones who ensure a positive relationship from start to finish. Each candidate is a human who desires constructive feedback. The recruiter should provide such feedback at each stage of the recruitment process. This is another aspect of their job.

Job interview 

An IT recruiter is a person who understands interpersonal relationships and knows how to conduct a recruitment interview. They are also knowledgeable about a variety of technologies and tools, so they can ask the candidate a variety of questions about this subject. Following the interview, the recruiter provides feedback to the hiring manager, who then takes the next steps.

Feedback on every stage of the process 

As we said earlier, feedback must be provided at every stage. The recruiter’s task is to provide constructive feedback on why the candidate was accepted/rejected. Such information will be extremely beneficial for the candidate because they will know the areas that require improvement. In the future, they will be able to work on them in order to do better next time. This stage can also help to maintain a positive relationship as well as the employer’s image.

Recruiters also contact candidates after successful recruitment. It is often dictated by the desire to receive information about functioning in a new company. In turn, this becomes feedback for the recruiter. They can learn about the candidate’s prospects in the company for which they were recruiting. 

An IT recruiter is a person who performs many tasks that require patience, concentration, and commitment. For all activities to bring satisfactory results, they must understand the reality of the IT industry and business. 

Hiring an IT recruiter can be a very profitable step for your business. It is an investment that involves not only sourcing an employee that fits your needs but also creating a solid business relationship. They will become your company’s face – they know how to build a positive image of the workplace.

IT Recruiter’s tasks 

To sum up – What organization would not want to be remembered as the one that stands out for its one-of-a-kind and personalized approach to each candidate, as well as for conducting an efficient and transparent recruitment process? An IT recruiter can undoubtedly help with this.

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