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19 September 2022

Have you ever heard about the term “RPO recruiter”? Have you ever wondered why RPO has become so popular and why IT companies prefer it? Read our article to learn why an RPO solution may be the best option for you. We will also share some insights for recruiters that already work in this model.

Who is an RPO recruiter?

Before we explain who the RPO recruiter is, it is worth knowing the meaning of the abbreviation itself. RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. This can be understood as establishing cooperation between the company and, for example, a recruitment agency. Which offers services of a recruiter to conduct recruitment processes on the client’s side. Its tasks not only involve sourcing but also analysis of candidates’ CVs and taking care of good experiences. Even positive impressions of candidates in the recruitment process (candidate experience). And building a positive image of the employer (employer branding).

Tech Recruiters that work in the RPO model have knowledge both in recruitment and technology. You can learn more about their tasks in our next article “Tech recruiter’s tasks

When should you hire an RPO recruiter?

If your company currently has significant recruitment needs and you do not want to create a new job, hire, and train a new employee… Hiring an RPO recruiter is a viable option.

When you genuinely think that recruitment processes have not been carried out efficiently in the past. And employees in internal HR departments have many responsibilities other than recruiting… You should consider whether hiring an external recruiter could relieve your HR department. Such a solution would assist in taking over issues like candidate acquisition, application analysis, recruitment interviews, and in general, keeping in touch with candidates.

Remember that hiring an RPO recruiter entails more than just recruiting. It also involves activities that influence your company’s positive image in the labor market. If you see a need, a recruiter can assist you in organizing a marketing campaign to reach the right candidates. They will also handle the appropriate candidate experience, which translates into increasing brand awareness among potential employees.

The RPO recruiter can also function as a conduit between your company and the voice of the market. They are someone who is interested in industry changes and receive constant feedback from many candidates about projects, technology, payroll, team and organizational functioning. Consider hiring an RPO recruiter when you are unsure if your company is heading in the right direction. If you are lacking candidate feedback, if you are curious about what is “up to date” or want to see if it will work in your company.

In-House Recruiter vs. RPO Recruiter

An in-House Recruiter is a person that works directly from the company’s internal HR department. Whereas an RPO recruiter works for an external recruitment agency or as a freelancer. What are the main distinctions between the recruiters mentioned above?

Internal recruiters, without a doubt, know the reality of a company because they are the ones to function in them on daily basis. They often take care of more stuff than just recruiting. Typically, they also plan employee development, employee relations, and all HR matters.

The RPO recruiter does not perform all the activities assigned to the internal HR department. They are heavily involved in acquiring candidates and managing the recruitment process for new positions from start to finish.

What will an RPO recruiter help you with?

Are you curious about what an RPO recruiter can do for you? Do you want to know if it will benefit your company? The answers to these questions can be found below.

The RPO recruiter will plan and carry out the procedures regarding recruitment from start to finish. They will create and publish job offers on various platforms. They will use a variety of sourcing techniques to find both active and passive candidates.

As they become the first point of contact, they will take care of the candidate’s experience in every aspect. They build and maintain good relationships with candidates. All of this will also play its part in improving the company’s image. 

After analyzing the application, they will conduct recruitment interviews to learn about the candidates’ motivations, goals, and fears.

The RPO recruiter will prepare reports and recommendations and assess the effectiveness of current recruitment processes. If they notice areas for improvement or changes, they will communicate openly in order to improve their operation as much as possible. They also implement new solutions. They can also plan and execute a marketing campaign in conjunction with recruitment for a specific role. An effective and eye-catching campaign can help you find the right candidate.

See what our clients say about our cooperation. “We’ve been working with CandidFuture (and with Aga, Daria, Kinga) for the past few months and have managed to double our tech teams in Poland. Besides the incredible hiring results it’s a great collaboration. They are involved, enthusiastic and have a big commitment to getting things done.” – Karim Gharsallah [Global Head of Talent Acquisition] and more

It is time to consider working with an RPO recruiter!

As you can see, an RPO recruiter’s scope of activities is very broad. They usually have knowledge not only about recruitment but also marketing and employer branding. It is a person who will work to improve the efficiency of your recruitment processes by utilizing various options and tools. Learn more about our services

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