Recruitment marketing – why does your company need it?

3 November 2022

What is recruitment marketing? What does it provide? Is recruitment marketing just employer branding? Is it just recruitment ads? How to stand out in the job market? How does it influence passive candidates or the stagnant recruitment process? From today’s post, you will learn the answers to these and other questions. Learn how you can easily reach new candidates while building brand awareness.

What is IT recruitment marketing? 

The goal of companies’ efforts is to recruit the right people quickly, and recruitment marketing is a great solution for that. Recruitment of passive candidates can be tough at times. RM is an activity that combines both HR and marketing departments. It is a process that results in attracting the attention of potential candidates and building the company’s image. This consists of, among other things, advertising campaigns and content marketing. RM aims to “recruit” passive candidates in a brief period of time using social media.

Recruitment marketing vs employer branding

This solution can work separately from employer branding. According to us – CandidFuture, employer branding activities should be complemented by coordinated marketing activities for greater success. In short, we can characterize recruitment marketing as part of a company’s employer branding. The employer branding that is built influences the quality and quantity of passive candidate applications. Therefore, in the case of RM, we influence to whom our message is sent.

The process of a recruitment campaign

At CandidFuture the recruitment marketing implementation process begins with an audit. We look at the analysis of brand identity, competitors, and previous EB activities. We create the right target groups and know how to talk to developers about their pain points – in order to keep them with their current company. To implement a RM strategy, it is also necessary to build an Employee Value Proposition – and CandidFuture is a master at creating value! This solutution’s efforts also include creating a dedicated landing page, including your logo, colors, and slogans. With these basics in place, we can start promoting offers to engage candidates.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of recruitment marketing?

There will definitely be more advantages when considering the introduction of recruitment marketing. However, this does not mean that it is a solution for every company. If your company is not transparent and you do not want to provide a pitchfork, RM will not bring you any advantages. We have prepared a summary of the most important advantages and disadvantages of some recruitment marketing tactics. See if recruitment RM for your company.


Time with this case can be both a disadvantage and an advantage. If the company has previously created valuable content and has built an image, it should take less time to introduce advertising campaigns. With this ground prepared, you can start creating and promoting offers right away. On the other hand, if the company’s social media has so far served to publish content without value for the audience. Without a proper identity and job postings containing only requirements, the process will take much longer.


With paid advertising campaigns, we have access to thousands of new audiences for our content or job listings. Marketing attracts people. For effective RM, the right target audience and keywords are important. Using recruitment marketing tools like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads, we can quickly close recruitment without sourcing! Of course, this is influenced by several aspects mentioned above.


The cost of this service alone is relatively low compared to outsourcing from a marketing agency. In the context of recruitment marketing, we can bring together two departments to work together: marketing and HR, or an experienced recruitment agency that knows recruitment and marketing. This will save costs significantly. 

Brand awareness 

Effective employer branding is designed to attract the best candidates. And it is quite simple! It is enough, among other things, to give value and say on social media why it is worthwhile to work in your company. Above-market rate means nothing if you do not take care of the internal employer branding of the company (current employees). IT recruitment marketing will allow you to appear in the eyes of new passive candidates as well as job seekers.

Which social media platforms are most effective in the IT industry? 

Employer image building should occur in places that are popular with the audience. The most effective medium for social media marketing in the IT industry is, by far, LinkedIn. This is where IT recruiters, developers, and others in the industry spend the most time. Employer brand awareness should also be built by their employees, and LinkedIn allows just that. We should also implement IT recruitment marketing on less popular media in the IT industry, such as Facebook or Google search engines. Increasingly, recruitment offers can be found on platforms such as TikTok or Twitter. Therefore, it is important to determine the target candidates and audience. How quickly can we find a senior Python engineer on TikTok?

Who can be responsible for recruitment marketing?

As we mentioned above, those who support RM can include a marketing team and HR employees. You can also use RM consulting. In our opinion, IT recruitment marketing should be in addition to ongoing recruitment processes. CandidFuture offers a 4-in-1 service! We take care of IT recruitment, sourcing (talent acquisition), employer branding, and recruitment marketing. Such a package will allow your company to start recruitment marketing activities without stopping sourcing. You can be assured that even during employer branding activities for your company, we will always recommend valuable passive candidates. See more about our services and get back to us!

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