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13 December 2022

Who is a Career Agent in IT?

What are our first thoughts when we hear the term “career agent”? Many people associate it with the agents of famous people, such as actors or athletes. This individual is in charge of choosing the best projects for the individual, negotiating rates, and assisting in various other activities. This is correct, but you may wonder, “Does a programmer also need a career agent?” Yes, the answer is yes! When there are so many job opportunities for coders on the market, some people may feel overwhelmed. A situation in which having too much information makes it difficult to choose something appropriate. Looking for a new job does not have to be stressful. Read on to learn how Career Agent assists professionals with their job search.

What does Career Agent assistance entail?

Supporting the career development of developers is not just about looking for offers that match your preferences. It is well-known how difficult it is to find a good match. And what is at stake in long and successful collaborations. Looking for a job is often stressful. Therefore, professionals can also count on good words, listening, and conversation. This is all provided through consultation and regular contact with the agent. Do you feel that you do not know in what direction your career path will develop? Do you want to find a job that is a good fit for you? Learn more about modern support in your search for a new job below.

What is the scope of the Career Agent’s activities?

Everything starts with a conversation. The next step is to fill out a reflective form where you realize what is important to you in collaborating with a new company. Then an online interview is arranged. During which the career agent will help you define your future career path and further clarify your expectations from your new employer. They will analyze your CV, and LinkedIn profile and suggest how to improve it. In order to arouse the interest of the IT recruiter, who will invite you to the interview out of turn!

After all, this is the first decision-maker in the recruitment process. Following a remote meeting, you will be given a useful “toolbox” to assist you in finding an interesting and rewarding job. What does the toolbox include? Among other things, there is Aga Myśliwczyk’s eBook “Recruiting June”, which suggests what to ask recruiters during the recruitment process.  You will also find a useful tool for analyzing your talents developed by Klaudia Tomczyk, a B2B guide, and much more.  A detailed description of the packages can be found here (link).

What can you count on?

In the process of changing jobs, the career agent will acquire for you not only the latest job offers that meet your key criteria, but also learn more about the workplace, atmosphere, and organizational culture. Verifying the reliability of the ads, prompting recruiters, and hiring leads to describe “what it is like”.  The career agent assists in defining the motivation for fruitful and long cooperation, in addition to cyclical contact, a good word, and a listening ear. It prompts questions that help prevent failed collaborations with the previously mentioned toolbox.
The IT world will also learn more about you through the Agent’s published posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. It may seem that creating a resume is not difficult but creating one that “catches the eye” of HR recruiters is just art! 😉 

Therefore, you can count on a ready-made resume template that is sure to catch the attention of a recruiter. Another consideration is a profile on LinkedIn. This is often the place of first contact between the recruiter and the candidate. So it is nice if it is interesting and catchy. You will learn how to create or modify the profile of a “Programmer at Heart”.

Where to find a Career Agent?

 You are probably wondering where to find a Career Agent to support you in furthering your career? CandidFuture is the answer!
Here, the role of Career Agent is performed by Klaudia Tomczyk. Who, in addition to her work as a recruiter, is also a psychologist. More information about the available packages and the rules of operation can be found at this link: link.
You can sign up via the form, which can be found under the Premium Package and Premium+ Package tabs. Or by contacting Klaudia directly.

Would you like to have your own personal Career Agent?

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