The best investment of 2023

7 February 2023

2022 got everyone into cryptocurrencies and NFT. However, not everyone came out of it favorably…. So what is worth investing your money in in 2023? The answer is one – in yourself. Times have come when you do not know what will happen tomorrow, so it is worth investing in education and development. These are elements that no one can take away from us and with them, we can achieve much more.

“After all, AI tools will replace me”

Is it worth going into IT since ChatGPT knows how to write code, schedules, blog posts and anything else you want? Definitely YES! AI tools are meant to make our work easier, not take it away. As this is a fairly new technology, this means that it is not updated completely. This means that ChatGPT, for example, was collecting data until the end of 2021. AI tools at the current time also need human supervision, as they are just learning and are susceptible to all user messages. 

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When you enter the IT industry, you can rest assured that no robot will steal your work. AI proves that the world is moving towards technology and digitization, so IT will soon be the safest industry.

How to enter the IT industry

The process of re-branding is not as difficult as it may seem. Time-wise, it all depends on the specialty you choose. If you want to know how to start the re-branding process, take a look here. Learning programming itself is not easy. However, there are intensive IT courses that can help you get into the industry as a programmer. Remember to consider all roles in the IT industry before deciding on one particular one. Analyzing the IT market at this point is crucial. Good investment will save you from wasted time and money.

What directions can I develop in? 

We can divide IT industries into two directions: technical and non-technical. Technical majors definitely require more time to study. If you want to see what professions fall under these categories, take a look here. Each specialty requires different soft skills, so the development goal we set will not always be a 100% fit for us.  

How to get a new job?

Investment in entering IT requires a valuable portfolio (if we have no experience), which sometimes takes months to build (GitHub). It’s also worth thinking about internships/internships, which can open doors for us to new organizations. If you want more tips on how to get started see this post.

Does IT recruitment also count as part of the IT world?

Recruiters also belong to the IT sector. Sourcing, contacting candidates, and interviewing are also activities in the IT field. Development in IT recruiting is a particularly good choice for people who like to interact with people, are curious about the other person and enjoy learning. The IT industry is growing incredibly fast, and it is the IT recruiter’s responsibility to keep up with these trends. If you are thinking about growing in IT recruiting see our previous article.

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