Rebranding – how to change a career path and start in IT?

26 September 2022

Where to start? Why is the IT industry so alluring? How long does it take to rebrand? Why rebranding is a good idea? Now that you are in the right place, it is a good time to start! The IT industry is currently evolving at a rapid pace, with new technologies and solutions being developed daily. What does it mean? Developers and other specialists are in high demand.

A good specialist who has worked in a specific position for a long time earns a lot of money. People that are just starting out in IT, e.g., “juniors” can also expect to get a nice salary. High stakes are one of the reasons why many people change industries. There are, however, additional reasons and motivations.

In this article, you will learn why people are changing industries, how long it takes, and how you can do that.

Why is the IT industry so alluring?

The salaries of programmers and other IT professionals rise in tandem with their experience and skills. One of the reasons people want to change industries is the possibility of continuous development and promotion. 

In IT, the career path looks like a series of levels. You start out as a junior, then advance to mid (2-4 years), and finally, after a long time, you have a chance to become a senior (approx. 5+ years), lead, or architect. The thought that there is always something more waiting for you in the future is very appealing and motivating. 

As mentioned before, new technologies, numerous programming languages, and frameworks are constantly being developed. In general, everyone will find something for themselves. The emergence of new technologies also promotes the emergence of new products, which frequently alter the daily lives of many people. 

One of the reasons why people venture into the world of IT is the desire to make a genuine impact on the lives of others. It is all associated with the development of technological solutions. That improve the daily operations of transportation, medicine, education, and other areas of social life. The prospect of delivering a product that benefits others is undoubtedly a driving force to switch industries and pursue new challenges in IT. 

People who enjoy analyzing and searching for new solutions as well as implementing and modifying these solutions will find a home in the IT industry. The constant dynamics and the ability to approach the problem from various angles make IT an interesting option for those that enjoy introducing their own innovations and observing the results of their actions.

Rebranding-where to start?

If you want to get into programming, ask yourself “what really interests me?” and “why do I want to learn to program?”. Think about your motivation. Consider what area sounds the most interesting to you, as there are multiple jobs within the industry. If you do not want to be strictly a programmer, you can become, e.g., a software tester. There are hundreds of possibilities for rebranding to IT. You can learn more about IT specialties in our article “Start w IT. How to choose a specialty?

Some programming languages are better suited to web applications than to mobile applications. If mobile, then on which operating system? If you would like to build platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, or Facebook, choose Python. Consider frontend languages such as JavaScript if you’re interested in the more visual aspects of the application. 

For a general overview of different languages, read the reports on their popularity, usage, and difficulty.

Currently, a popular way to start your adventure in IT is to participate in various paid courses and bootcamps.

If you want to learn for free at the beginning, check out YouTube, where you will find a huge number of tutorial videos on not only programming in various languages but also other interesting stuff. Join Facebook groups and follow people who inspire you on LinkedIn. These activities will assist you in becoming acquainted with technical terminology and gaining new industry knowledge. Who knows? Perhaps one of the developers you follow will eventually become your teammate. See how to prepare for an interview in IT!

How long does it take to rebrand?

Rebranding is a process that varies in length depending on the individual. Some people will need several years to learn new skills and put them into practice. While others will be able to learn many new technologies in a year and actively enter the labor market. 

The factors that play a role are motivation and time. When we have a goal in mind, we are often willing to go to great lengths to achieve it. The transition process will go more smoothly if we also have time to learn new skills. It is worthwhile, to begin with, small goals that you can realistically achieve every day. When we put too much pressure on ourselves from the start and have too much to learn, our motivation can, unfortunately, drop quickly. 

The truth is that things do not happen overnight. Regardless of industry or field of life, only taking on challenges and systematic work will result in change. Is rebranding your next step in career?

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