How should you prepare for an IT interview?

21 September 2022

Everyone who wants to work in the IT industry wonders how to get started. The way we present ourselves in an interview can have a significant impact on our lives and careers. So, how does one prepare for an IT job interview? How can you make a good first impression on a recruiter? What questions should you ask? You’ll discover it in the following article, increasing your chances of landing a job at your dream company!

What should you do before a job interview? 

HR screening can be a stressful event, especially if you are new to the process. It is important to remember that a recruiter is not a technical person and will not dig deeper into the hard skills section. So, what is worth repeating before the interview?

Details about the company

 Nothing makes a better impression than a genuine interest in the mission and company activities. Prior to your job interview, check out their product, mission, and social media. Often, you will come across interesting information that might be worth mentioning during the conversation. 

Get ready for trivial questions

Unfortunately, many IT recruiters adhere to the stereotype. As a result, you should prepare to answer boring questions like “pros and cons” or even the “sell me this pen” challenge. More frequently asked questions can be found here.

Warm up!

English proficiency is required in the IT industry. There is no need to be concerned if you have previously worked in an international company, but you should warm up if this is your first time. Recall basic phrases as well as IT vocabulary. Some claim that singing an English song can help improve one’s accent; perhaps it’s time to give it a shot? 

Practices makes perfect!

Involve those around you in your preparation and practice. They can always tell you what needs to be improved or how to respond to a difficult question. Read the job description and become familiar with the responsibilities that come with the position. If possible, request that someone from the company meet with you to go over everything so that you can provide the best information possible.

Honesty is the way to go

Many people underestimate the value of honesty. When responding to a question, avoid making false statements. Lies cannot live forever!

Find a peaceful environment

It is normal for people to be nervous before each and every job interview. During a remote conversation, make sure you have a quiet place –  one where you know no one will bother you. Choose a comfortable place and close the window to prevent the unexpected ambulance from drowning out the sound. One that will make you want to sit still for an hour! Remember to bring a glass of water, charge your equipment, and check the sound and webcam.

What should you do to make a good first impression on an IT recruiter?

When speaking with an IT recruiter, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is the recruiter’s responsibility to find the right candidate as soon as possible. As a result, you must consider whether you are qualified for the position. Presenting this vision to a recruiter can accomplish a lot, and you will undoubtedly be remembered. In a nutshell, you must make an impression!

Better to ask the way than to go astray

Aside from knowledge about the company, vision, or relevant experience, it is also important to demonstrate your interest in another way – by asking questions. Of course, it all depends on the position but what should you do to avoid disappointment? Look into the questions in the following article.

Take notes while you listen

Pay close attention to the instructions you receive. Try to comprehend the points being made by the IT recruiter. Take notes and jot down anything that you believe will be useful in the future

Can a recruiter ask me a technical question?

It is unusual for an IT recruiter to inquire about technical issues during the first interview. However, this does not mean that it is not worthwhile to be prepared! Some of the recruitment processes require completing an additional task right at the beginning. What is worth doing? Ask the recruiter about the interview process. They will inform you of the issues that will be raised and all the next steps.

Is an interview with an IT recruiter decisive?

Not necessarily. Usually, it is up to the recruiter to decide who will be invited to the next stage, but this is not always the case. During the interview, your recruiter will take notes, which later will be sent to the person in charge of the next stage. It could be the hiring manager, team lead, or even the head of engineering. Therefore, it is not worth assuming negative scenarios. Wait for valuable feedback, which you should receive. If you receive feedback without any information, ask the recruiter (even through LinkedIn) how you can improve!


At the end of the interview, make sure to ask when you will get feedback and thank them for the conversation. All that remains is to await word on the next stage of recruitment. If you followed the advice above, you have nothing to worry about! If you have any questions, you can consult one of our recruiters – you can find the contact here.

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