Where to look for experience in IT?

20 October 2022

In previous articles, “How to change a career path and start in IT?” and “Start in IT. How to choose a specialty?” we have already touched on why people rebrand, and how to start and choose a new job. We briefly discussed the most popular jobs and their main tasks. You will find there a lot of information useful at the beginning of your career. 

In this article, we want to concentrate on where to look for experience in IT. What exactly does commercial experience mean? How to find a new job without proper experience? Is a free or paid internship a viable option? Read and find all the answers. 

What exactly does commercial experience mean?

As we mentioned in a previous article, there are bootcamps that provide employment as well as training. However, there are times when an employer requires experience with specific technologies in addition to coding bootcamp.

In this case, we are referring to commercial experience in IT which includes working on a project for a specific product or customer. 

Many people believe that working on a commercial project is the best opportunity to prove yourself as a developer. This allows you to evaluate your current theoretical knowledge with reality. 

If you are fresh out of coding bootcamp and you lack experience it is worth considering an internship. 

Internship in IT – good or bad option?

Definitely a good one! Some companies recruit interns for both paid and unpaid internships. Practicums are usually dedicated to university students. They are intended to broaden the student’s knowledge and provide opportunities to observe IT work “from the inside,” as well as to develop practical skills. Unfortunately, students work mostly for free. 

An internship is an option for those that already finished their studies. The internship is usually paid, but the pay is usually not remarkably high at first. It aims to deepen knowledge of a specific topic and put that knowledge into practice throughout the project. This is an excellent way to gain your first experience in IT because you will be learning about the technologies you wish to work with on a daily basis. 

From time to time error can occur. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your abilities as a team member and contribute to the resolution of the current problem. Such an internship may be the best option if we also have a supportive team and a great atmosphere in the company.

Your own creations!

You have probably heard of GitHub, an open-source website where developers showcase their projects and share their knowledge. 

Before you start looking for your first job try creating a well-cared GitHub profile. Consider your interests and begin writing your own programs. In this way, you will be able to showcase your skills. Make sure that the program is both complex and clear. Utilize newly acquired technologies.

The employer will value your creativity and will be interested in learning about your projects. Perhaps a strong GitHub profile will land you a job. 

Job interviews? For sure!

Do not be afraid of taking part in recruitment processes. We sometimes have second thoughts about applying for a job because we feel unsure. Do you already have a GitHub/LinkedIn profile, or do you have some experience working on a commercial project after a coding bootcamp? It is worthwhile to apply for junior positions that interest you. 

Even if it turns out that you still need to improve your coding skills, do not be afraid to accept this feedback. It may be useful in directing your future activities. By giving it a shot, you will know what recruiters ask about. After a while, you will return stronger with new knowledge and experiences.

Start in IT

Working in IT will undoubtedly be rewarding for those who are genuinely interested in the field. It is a job that requires a lot of perseverance, patience, and dedication. Many newcomers have the same concerns: Is this the path I want to take? What can I do to gain experience in IT? Will I prove myself? 

It is worth to constantly set new goals, challenges, and in general expand knowledge. Various situations put our abilities to the test revealing our strengths and areas for improvement. 

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