LinkedIn – what is it, how, and who can use it? 

27 October 2022

What exactly is LinkedIn? Who is LinkedIn for? How to use it? How to create a good LinkedIn profile? Which elements of the profile are the most important? The portal that will help you find your dream job at your fingertips! Take a moment to fully immerse yourself in the world of LinkedIn! In this article, you will learn how to complete a profile to achieve your goal. 

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media portal used for more “serious” purposes than Facebook. On LinkedIn, you can create a CV-style professional profile. Experience, courses, skills, and certifications can be included. It is a platform through which you can not only find work but also attract clients.

LinkedIn currently has 4,830,000 users from Poland alone! This figure is constantly increasing, proving that it is worthwhile to check it out. Even as a social media platform for daily browsing, it ensures high-quality content.

Who is LinkedIn for? 

It does not matter if you are a senior developer, newbie, sales manager, or marketing specialist—LinkedIn is for everyone! It is a multi-sector platform, not only for IT. Do not wait any longer and check it out! 

Why is LinkedIn important in building a career?

A professional LinkedIn profile is your up-to-date CV. By contributing to the comets section and creating content, you gain new connections. You can expect new job opportunities as a result of this. By regularly using LinkedIn, you can build your personal brand allowing you to project the image of an expert!

The benefits of using LinkedIn

Why should you create an account on this platform? There are numerous benefits, and we are confident that they will persuade you to create one.

Job offers 

A well-crafted profile equals a well-crafted CV. A profile If you want to find new job opportunities, you should keep your profile as up-to-date as possible. LinkedIn is used by the vast majority of recruiters. Additionally, you can also add a photo frame that says “#opentowork”. With that in place, you should hear from interested recruiters within a few hours. 

Building a network of connections/customers 

A profile that is worth its weight in gold! Adding people of interest to your contacts is a great idea to expand your network. This allows you to reach people from your dream company and inquire about open recruitment, but also to gain clients. In addition, by having a LinkedIn premium account, you can browse more users. Display your profile to more users! 

Developing a personal brand

By commenting on other people’s posts, posting content, and making contacts, you create a personal brand. Branding enables you to position yourself as an expert, collaborate, and even negotiate higher rates.

How to make a professional yet eye-catching profile? It takes time to gather all of the necessary information, but here is a checklist to assist you.

Profile and background picture 

Add a profile picture—a photo of yourself without any filters works best. It is not required, but it does increase interest. The banner should also be professional and relevant to what you do. You can use your company’s logo to build awareness.

Title and bio 

The visibility of your profile is affected by your signature touch. Use the title to show what you do. If you are a senior developer, you can list your main tech stack, current position, or hobbies.

The bio is where you describe your interests, values, and career path. You can either fill in the blanks with information that does not fit into the rubrics created by LinkedIn or simply use it as a profile summary. 

Summary of an experience 

After all, LinkedIn is your professional profile! Fill in the blanks with details about your previous experience. Make a list of your roles and responsibilities for each position. This will increase the credibility of your profile. Optimize your profile while eliminating positions that do not add value. If you already have IT experience, odd jobs will not be considered, so why waste time on them? 

Skills, certificates, and licenses  

LinkedIn allows you to post information about skills, certifications, and courses. Completing tests can even earn you LinkedIn badges. It is as simple as typing “python” into the skill section and expressing your willingness to take a test. You can use this to both build a valuable profile and demonstrate your abilities. Remember that recruiters are looking at this as well!


The profile’s most important section. Request recommendations from previous and current coworkers. Nothing shapes a person’s opinion more than a recommendation signed with another person’s name and surname. After all, the opinions of others carry more weight. As a result, the person viewing your profile has more trust in you. 

You must remember this! 

Additional information that will have an impact on your personal profile.

Did you know you can change the URL of your profile? You can find it in the settings. As a result, you can remove any unnecessary characters from the URL.

Examine every profile that sends you an invite! Add to connections only those that you genuinely want to follow. On the platform, there are thousands of fake accounts that only spam with their offers. 

Make sure your privacy settings allow all LinkedIn users to send you an invite if you want them to.

How to grow up on LinkedIn?

After filling out all the information you are ready to conquer the LinkedIn community! Share your thoughts and knowledge in order to quickly achieve your goals. 

CandidFuture will gladly accept your invitation if you want to expand your network. 

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