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CandidFuture is an exclusive network of top Tech talents that are passively looking for the next great opportunity.

We are building a bridge between skilled, passionate Software Engineers, Product Managers, Data Scientist, QA Engineers etc. and fast growing, innovative companies. Members define what they are looking for in their ideal job and CandidFuture sends them targeted opportunities that match their exact preferences. Our footprint is in EdTech and Future of Work verticals, however we are in touch with companies from other fast-growing and innovative industries.

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Getting you a dream job is our everyday job. A wide variety of jobs matching with a team of experienced recruiters, is all you need to find an opportunity perfectly tailored just for you.

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We will help you find your dream job. We are always looking for passionate tech and non-tech professionals who are driven by quality and innovation to fuel our partners’ innovative projects.

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Got stuck and looking for a new project?

Got stuck and looking for a new project?

Fed up with working for an industry without an impact?

Fed up with working for an industry without an impact?

Fed up with working for an industry without an impact?

Dobierzemy firmę dla Ciebie.

You are in the right place. Our footprint is in Education and future of work verticals. What can give a better motivational boost than influencing how people learn and acquire skills at scale?

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We are your gatway to the industries of the future. If you found a specific career opportunity interesting, go ahead and apply through our jobs section. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, just upload your CV using the tab below and one of our recruiters will reach out to you as soon as we identify a matching project.

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Did you know that


Almost 50% of all applications come from job boards, followed by internal career sites (35%). But less than 1% of candidates who apply for jobs through job boards and career sites are offered the position


Job applicants with an extensive LinkedIn profile were 71% more likely to get a callback for a job interview than candidates without any LinkedIn profile.


Employees whose manager listens to their work-related problems are 62% less likely to burnout


74% of professionals would like to work remotely more often than before the outbreak. More parents (79%) expressed this preference.

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AnetaVP Product

The process was super transparent and I was kept informed about all stages. I especially appreciate the fact that you adressed my motivation in such a pricise way.

JacquesHead of Engineering

I liked the fact, that you mapped out my soft skills and provided feedback for improvement. 10 out of 10!

EdwardSoftware Developer

What I like about CF is that you guys put a lot of time and effort in ensuring the right fit of the candidate with the company's culture. It is a rare practice in the tech recruitment in general.