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Create remarkable software products with the best tech talent. We recruit for all roles in product teams. We understand that great products need more than just good code. That’s why we bring experienced IT professionals with product and customer attitude, who identify the work that needs to be done as opposed to merely doing the tasks. We carry out a multi-stage evaluation to hire people with the right competences and values matching your business. That’s how you build a rockstar development team.

Take your product development to the next level

Dobierzemy firmę dla Ciebie.

Remote is the new normal. Get access to the best talent through remote-first culture and make your company resilient to external conditions.

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Diversity pays off. Get the most out of new business opportunities by approaching them from different angles.

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Take your product development to the next level

Take your product  development to the next level

Get valuable HR support

Get valuable HR support

Get valuable HR support

Dobierzemy firmę dla Ciebie.

We know the rules of software game. You engage experienced product and business practitioners who evaluate key roles and crucial competences.

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Get ready for the WOW effect. Our candidates perfectly meet the needs of your business and contribute value from day one.

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Who we are…

We are specialists in software recruitment processes. We are here to bring value. We get to know candidates as people and professionals. We only team up with companies that believe in their business.

We are changing the rules of the game. We bring agile to the HR industry.

Did you know, that as high as


of European companies are struggling to hire IT professionals


of newly-hired employees will fail within 18 months from start


of employee turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions


of annual salary can it cost to replace an employee

We get to know your team and culture to make sure that new hires get fully engaged and thrive from day one. Recruitment is carried out by technical experts and product leaders. That is how our candidates are a perfect match for your company.

How we work

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We get to know your business thoroughly

2 Chcemy Cię dobrze poznać

We define key roles and crucial competences

3 Sprawdzamy dla Ciebie różne firmy

We carry out a multi-stage recruitment

4 It’s a match!

We take responsibility for new hires

Read how we’ve changed
lives of some of our candidates

AnetaVP Product

The process was super transparent and I was kept informed about all stages. I especially appreciate the fact that you adressed my motivation in such a pricise way.

JacquesHead of Engineering

I liked the fact, that you mapped out my soft skills and provided feedback for improvement. It's also my first process, where an external recruitment company verified my technical and managerial skills. 10 out of 10!

EdwardSoftware Developer

What I like about CF is that you guys put a lot of time and effort in ensuring the right fit of the candidate with the company's culture. It is a rare practice among recruitment agencies.