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We are from Gdańsk...

... city of respect and freedom. We understand that business is all about people. That is why we put people at the center of everything we do.

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Our team

Our values

We change the world for the better

Each contact is an opportunity for us to make the world a better place. We put value above profits because we think about long-term benefits, not short-term profits.

Feedback is the key

Truth is a gift on which we build a better future. We always give feedback and do not avoid difficult conversations. We are clear about what we feel, what we think, what we appreciate, what we disagree with.

We support each other and take responsibility

We do not judge, but complement and strengthen each other. As a team, we turn our weaknesses into strength. We take responsibility for colleagues, partners and customers, therefore we keep our word and fulfill our obligations.

Diversity matters

We find for value in what is different. We understand that many points of view improve the quality of products, services, work and life. We fight against stereotypes, we counteract discrimination and we promote the principles of equal treatment.