Work while remaining yourself

In our recruitment, we focus not only on competences, but also on personality matching. We want to be sure that you will work in a company that understands and supports you in your professional development.

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What we do We build effective IT teams

Be part of a team that understands you and supports you in your development.

What we do We build effective IT teams

We build effective IT teams
We treat you like a partner

Recruitment is fully transparent and you are at the center of it. You know the salary and terms of employment from the very beginning. You get feedback after each stage. And we love to hear your opinion too.

Conscious decision

With us, you will find a company with which you identify on the level of values. Both when it comes to organizational culture and social effects of running a business.

Your voice matters

We know how important it is to have an impact on product and technology development. We work with companies that hire experts to listen to them. Find a place where you matter.

Develop yourself

Choose a role that is consistent with your personality and ambitions. Work in a company that enables you to take on new challenges and supports you in your development. And on top of that, get to know yourself a bit better.

C-level and Executive Management recruitment

You are more than your job

We see that you are much more than the sum of your professional experiences. We get to know your personality, needs, aspirations and life plans.

We know everything about your role

We sit at your desk. We get to know the manager, the company's expectations and your future responsibilities in detail. You get a full and real picture of the company from us.

Perfect match

We make sure that you will continue to grow in your new role and that the personality aspects will support you in your new position.

Transparency and feedback

We always provide the salary ranges. From us you will hear the truth about the role, its benefits and challenges. We have nothing to hide. The closer we know each other, the better 🙂

How it works?


You send your CV

You’re in the game! You gain access to interesting digital projects in Poland and Europe. Ps. We believe that CV is a bit out of date, and we are working on removing it from our process…


We get to know each other

When we include you in the recruitment process, we launch tools for behavioral analysis, personality assessment, cognitive skills and abilities, as well as motivation.


We check various companies for you

And we also get to know your future team and manager, to make sure that you fit them and they suit you…


We get to know you even better

We carry out domain and technical evaluation tailored to the project requirements


It’s a match!

You start your new job. We are sure that your new workplace will bring you a lot of satisfaction.

Want to learn more? 😉

What is CandidFuture and what are you actually doing?

We recruit for positions in tech and digital areas for startups and scaleups from Poland and Europe. We build effective and diverse software teams and we run executive search for managerial positions.

Is there a fee for sending a CV / joining CandidFuture?

No, we do not charge candidates. Our fee is based on a commercial agreement with our business partners.

Will CandidFuture be my agent after sending my CV and find a new job for me?

If your profile matches the projects we run, then we will involve you in the process and check your fit for the role.

Where are you from and where are your offices located?

We are located in Gdańsk. We also have a branch and commercial office in Den Bosh, the Netherlands.