Find developers, product teams and tech leaders

Build great products instead of producing software

Hire IT talent with a wide perspective of: your product, your customer needs and the process that bridges them together. We evaluate technical skills, professional approach and personality of the candidates, to find the people that your business really needs.

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How can we help Developers and product teams

We find IT professionals and specialists for your product team. We recruit people who understand the product and care about your customer needs. Our candidates are experienced in modern back-end, front-end and mobile technologies.

With us you hire committed IT managers who will grow your teams. We supplement IT recruitment with DevOps and Quality Assurance roles as well as positions in Product Management, Project Management, UX / UI Design, Research or Data Analysis.


We treat candidates as people and partners, respecting their professional ambitions. If you build an organization based on values ​​and trust, we will find the people ready to get involved in your vision.

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How can we help Developers and product teams

Developers and product teams

How can we helpManagement

We are seasoned, hands-on experts in the industries in which we recruit. Thanks to our own business contacts we reach top talent and passive candidates. We know how important it is to have the right people in the right place. Therefore we recommend the best from the best, not only the best from those available.

We are so confident of the candidates recommended that we take the risk of them leaving.

We are experts in recruitment for demanding positions in Product Management, Project Management, Software Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance and HR.

Drive your business to the next level

Take your company beyond mediocrity and gain the advantages of the future thanks to the modern HR approach.

Znajdziemy Ci świetnych kandydatów

Did you know, that as many as


of developers treat working remotely as a priority when looking for a new job


of vacancies in IT roles remain unfilled


of candidates research a company’s reputation before applying to a job opening

How does it work?


We need to understand your business

Tell us what you need and what kind of partnership you are looking for. Share with us your values, culture and the challenges of your business development. We get to know you deeply so that we can find and attract people who are the best match.


Are we thinking similar

Let’s see if we have similar understanding of partnership and business values to decide if we want to work together.


You choose the cooperation model

Decide if you want to transfer the risk to us in the micropayment model (12 installments as the newly hired works and develops your business). Choose the employment model and any additional support that would help you grow your team.


We help define the key competences in your team

We ask you questions that no one had asked before. We support you in defining key roles in the company and successful onboarding of new hires. We examine the personality traits – yours and your employees – so that you continue to collaborate with mutual satisfaction.


We got it! The recruitment process kicks-off

We make sure that the person who joins your company complements the team with their competences and personality. We help you effectively scale your business through optimally selected competences.


What is CandidFuture and what are you actually doing?

We provide high level recruitment and executive search for managerial and specialist positions in tech and digital. We support startups and scaleups in Europe. We build effective and diverse IT teams.

Are you a recruitment or outsourcing company?

We work in both models. We conduct recruitment processes for companies, but we also provide a remote extension of our partners’ teams.

What is so special about you?

We are not special. We are simply effective 🙂 We are experienced in specific business areas, such as: Sales, Operations, Tech, Product, Project Management, Marketing. Thats why we understand the needs of your business, and we know how to satisfy them.

What else do you do to support your partners?

We provide learning and development projects, we help startups in building effective organizational culture based on values. We help to introduce diversity management in organizations.

Whats the cost of your services?

We are always transparent. When recruiting, we work in two business models:
–  success fee model (one-off)
– micro-payments spread over time.
In “contracting”, it is a model of fixed monthly payments depending on the project duration. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll discuss the details.